Myriad Pro is the typeface used in Apple’s modern marketing. Maybe that’s why I can’t get enough of it…

It took me awhile to jump on the Apple wagon but once I did it became more and more difficult to jump off. Apple is doing something that I need to figure out; causing people to fall in literal love with their products. How do they do it? In my estimation, it basically comes down to creating well-designed, sleek and extremely functional products.

Myriad Pro font examplesHowever, this post is less about Apple and more about the font family they’ve chosen to be the textual face for their products: Myriad Pro. A neat and clean humanist  sans-serif font designed by Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly for Adobe Systems. How can you not love it? It’s easy to read, in bold it is beefy without looking fat (bad fat not good phat), and there are several tasty flavors. I especially like the light and condensed variations.

Looking to play around with this font? Well if you own (or acquired..) a copy of Photoshop or any other Adobe product then you should already have access to this font. If you don’t fall in to the aforementioned category then you can always purchase it directly from Adobe or Google more nefarious methods.

Myriad Pro Alternatives

If you don’t have the duckets or desire to purchase Myriad Pro there are other free options. One of my favorites is Open Sans which is available from Google Web Fonts. Besides being free it also comes in lots of tasty variations and it ready to be used in your next web project. Yay!

open sans font examples

If you share my love for Myraid Pro or have your own favorite alternative, drop me a line in the comment section. Also check out my collection of fontastic ideas on Pinterest.


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